No sleep til Brooklyn for Phil Sharp

I am moving very slowing and I have run out of water onboard


The latest ETA for IMERYS is 1500 BST

Phil Sharp is on the approach to the Big Apple, set to complete the Class40 podium in third.

Expected to across the finish line at 0645am, in the final hours Phil’s arrival has gone into slowmo. Still 15nm away and becalmed in light airs, Imerys average speed over the last 4 hours is 1.1 knots.

Speaking to the skipper this morning he reported, “Anyone got any tips for trimming this shredded sack of cloth for upwind? Looks a bit draggy!

We’ve completely run out of wind… it’s like a mill pond out here, if only I had a fishing rod and the Beastie Boys tune - ‘no sleep til Brooklyn.’”

There is very little wind and I’m having power problems. We started this campaign just three weeks before the start of the race, so to be in contention with the front runners since the start has been great. I knew that I would have problems with the boat, but I didn’t anticipate this many. The biggest issue has been the hole in the mainsail. I’m feeling very satisfied to have made it to the other side of the Atlantic.

The last few days of the race have been really contrasting, nice weather and nice conditions. But I want to finish now. I am moving very slowing and I have run out of water onboard. I’d like to finish soon, I hope I finish soon…”

The latest ETA for Phil is 1000 EDT/1500 BST

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