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Sailing maritime transport


Sailing freight in the spotlight on The Transat CIC

In its approach to using the races it organizes as platforms of impact, OC Sport Pen Duick has decided to put maritime transport in the spotlight on the 15th edition of The Transat CIC, including the course on the Atlantic North uses an important trade route for merchant ships.


An exhibition to go further

A space of 150 m2, set up in partnership with the CIC, Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI), Wind Ship and Audélor is dedicated to the theme in the heart of the Village Départ de la course. The general public can discover since Tuesday and until Sunday an exhibition composed of a dozen panels, which allows to learn more about maritime transport and the reasons why it is important to decarbonize it. This exhibition also presents existing technical solutions or in the test phase, as well as models of cargo ships. The objective: to show that boats already use this type of solution and that they work. A game on a tablet, which allows to make the course of The Transat CIC with a sailboat-cargo, sensitizes children.

Currently, shipping, which has launched a plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, generates 3% of global emissions. Based on the observation that «the bridges between maritime transport and ocean racing are numerous in terms of humans, knowledge and technology, even if these two worlds remain different», explains Stéphane Bourrut Lacouture, CSR Manager of OC Sport Pan Duick, the organizer

de The Transat CIC decided to «focus on an activity that is still unknown, to show that there are solutions and that sectors already exist, whether in terms of freight and passenger transport».


The existing solutions and the diversity of technologies used will be highlighted in a 150 m2 space dedicated to the theme at the heart of the Village of The Transat CIC through concrete examples, an exhibition and the presence of stakeholders in the sector.

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