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While most collaborative working tools quickly find their limits outside the office, AMA enables experts to work effectively remotely with professionals in the field, thanks to a secure software platform combined with video tools perfectly adapted to each business.

With seven years' experience in remote assistance solutions, AMA helps industry and service players of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation. AMA's assisted reality platform, XpertEye, has been deployed in over 100 countries and addresses a wide range of use cases such as remote diagnostics, inspection, workflow planning and management, distance training or telemedicine. Its innovative interactive remote collaboration solutions enable companies and institutions to increase productivity, simplify knowledge transfer, optimize problem-solving times and maximize their available time.

AMA is a fast-growing company, with offices in Canada, China (including Hong Kong), France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Romania, Spain, the UK and the USA. AMA benefits from a global presence, working across all time zones to establish a close relationship with its customers wherever they may be. AMA is listed on Euronext Growth Paris.

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