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Corail et poissons verts

Ocean Protection



The oldest single-handed ocean race in the world, for almost 60 years The Transat CIC has been taking men and women up against the prevailing winds of the North Atlantic. The participants in this transatlantic race, nicknamed "The English Transatlantic Race", will be leaving Lorient to sail to New York against currents and storms.

For the race organisers, OC Sport Pen Duick, this race is a reminder of the importance of protecting the ocean. Global warming, pollution and overfishing are endangering the health and balance of the ocean.


To support The Transat CIC in its great adventure of transition, OC Sport Pen Duick has chosen to join forces with IFREMER. In particular, the research organisation is ensuring the scientific coherence of all the subjects on offer.

What is IFREMER?

Ifremer is the only French research organisation entirely dedicated to the oceans. It has laboratories on all the French seaboards and in the French Overseas Territories, at around twenty sites in the three major oceans: the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The Brest Plouzané site is the largest in terms of size and number of staff (over 900), and is also the headquarters of the Institute and the French Oceanographic Fleet.


An educational kit to find out more

The Transat CIC is making this educational kit available as a free download.

Written with the help of IFREMER scientists, the kit is designed for young and old alike, and will help you discover this fabulous and fragile world.


Discovering the deep ocean

Dive into the depths of the ocean with dedicated content to learn more about the underwater environment.


An exhibition to take you further

And if you'd like to find out more about the race and its sailors, head to the start village from 23 to 28 April at Lorient La Base. An exhibition on protecting the ocean will give you even more information!

If you can't make it, you can explore the exhibition panels here:

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