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A landmark in single-handed ocean racing, The Transat CIC has been marked by the exploits of exceptional sailors - particularly from Brittany - who, over the years, have helped forge its legend. It is therefore with great pride that the Brittany Region, as principal partner, is associated with the event, which departs from Lorient.

Beyond its sporting, popular and festive character, this event, hosted at the heart of Bretagne Sailing Valley®, is an opportunity to highlight the economic ecosystem of competitive sailing in Brittany. More than 220 players make up this industry, driven by performance and innovation, whose know-how has made Brittany world-renowned in this sector.

This industry, which innovates in a number of sectors, is a formidable laboratory for exploring the environmentally-friendly mobility of the future. With the support of the Brittany Regional Council, the competitive sailing industry is committed to playing a major role in accelerating the ecological transition by mobilizing its capacity for innovation, particularly in the development of propulsion technologies for sailing vessels.

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