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Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) 12th IMOCA on The Transat CIC (before jury)

Steady and consistent Isa is more making a name for herself for her stamina and drive, more a marathon racer than a sprinter as she proved on the last Vendee Globe. A good result for the Franco German skipper who does not like the cold, pleased to have nipped in ahead of Alan Roura.....


Finish time: 10:49:49(UTC)

Race time: 9d 23h 19mn 49sec

Distance covered: 3,249.10 nautical miles

Gap to first place: 1d 16h 26mn 17sec

Average speed (on the great circle route): 12.33 knots

Actual average speed: 13.58 knots

Isa said, “I’m super happy with my race. Obviously, I am happy with this finish, happy to have gained a place on Alan at the end even if I was pleased for him that he had such a good race. Overall, I stuck to my objectives which were not to put myself in the red, to be careful and in particular not to tear my sails because my mainsail started to tear the first time I took a reef as the first front passed. I managed to do all this without getting too tired while sailing cleanly and having a great race. I am happy with myself. I see that I can get through this. It was a race full of lessons because we had very different weather conditions from the other transats. I have learned a lot of things in terms of cold management. And there are technical things to do with the boat and operations with my team on land. There are lots of things that gave me the motivation to make sure I leave even better prepared for the Vendée Globe. I'm delighted to have done this race, very happy to be able to look back and see everything that happened during the race which went by quite quickly. "