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Ollie Heer, still pushing to get the job done....and learning for the future

Swiss German skipper Ollie Heer is one of the two IMOCAs still racing, along with Clarisse Crémer (L’Occitane en Provence). Eight days ago his IMOCA Oliver Heer Ocean Racing was knocked over, he fell and suffered a slight injury. Since then he has had to deal with electrical problems which mean he has very sporadic autopilot use as well as sail problems. But Ollie is still pushing on, pursuing his Vendée Globe qualification miles. He is 600 miles from the finish line this morning and talks here about his motivation and desire to get the job done….

First up, how is your mood and motivation? One thing is for sure, when you race solo there will always beproblems. I always tell myself that the question is not if a problem will happen but when. I always try to look for the positive in every situation. This is always good experience for the future. I look at things this way. I have learned a lot over the last few days, learned things that you only find in this kind of situation.

“The teams will all have finished with a big job list”

What continues to motivate you? Qualification for the Vendée Globe! I know I have to finish this race. But it’s not just about finishing The Transat CIC. It also means arriving in New York with the boat and accumulating the miles before racing around the world. There is no land near me where I am so even if I wanted to give up there is nowhere to go. Going to Newport doesn't add many miles. I’m also looking forward to seeing my wife and my team. It also motivates me to continue.

What do you think of the other IMOCA racers? This race is renowned for being the hardest in IMOCA. And it has been this year! Nearly a quarter of the fleet had to abandon. This is not the way we want to start a Vendée Globe year. It doesn't give the confidence boost we hope for. But on the other hand, it is a good test for sailors. I am convinced that the teams will all return with a big job list. I take my hat off to those who are on the podium and those who have finished. To finish among the first few in a race like The Transat CIC, you have to be at the top of your game. Now we have to refocus and prepare for the next race."



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