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Switzerland's Justine Mettraux (Teamwork - Team Snef), 7th on The Transat CIC in IMOCA (before jury)

Justine Mettraux crossed the finish line of The Transat CIC this Tuesday morning at 7:11:20 a.m. (UTC). The Swiss sailor, who completed the race 12 hours 47 minutes and 48 seconds after the winner, Yoann Richomme (PAPREC ARKÉA), finished 7th in the 15th edition of The Transat CIC after 8 days 19 hours 41 minutes and 20 seconds at sea. She will have completed the race at an actual average speed of 15.19 knots.


FINISH time: 05:11:20 (utc)

Race time: 8 days 19 hours 41 minutes and 20 seconds

Distance traveled: 3216.54 nautical miles

Difference with the 1st: 12 hours 47 minutes and 48 seconds

Average speed (on the great circle): 13.94 knots

Actual average speed: 15.19 knots

Justine said, "I’ve had a lot to deal with before the finish. I’m pleased with the race. I think it was tough for everyone. I had quite a few technical problems, but I think that was the case for everyone. It was a case of sorting things out with the team and in general, we managed that. I saw things that could be better done before the Vendée Globe. It’s nice to be able to sail in a good breeze. I’m pleased about how I managed to sail the boat. I don’t think I made any big mistakes. I had a problem with the wind instruments. It’s something that can be better prepared. I’m pleased with the way I sailed, finding the balance between performance and going all the way, and I learnt a lot I’m now on my way to New York close to Yannick Bestaven, who was nice enough to wait for me. I lost my wind instruments and VHF aerial and don’t have the AIS. I can’t see the other boats, so I’ll be following Yannick to avoid any shipping. Thanks to him and Maître CoQ for the end of the race, which has required a lot of effort.