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“OC Sport Pen Duick consider options in light of Coronavirus outbreak”

the transat cic


OC Sport Pen Duick consider options in light of Coronavirus outbreak

The health crisis caused by the Coronavirus epidemic currently requires everyone to act accordingly and adapt. As a race organiser, OC Sport Pen Duick is obviously directly affected. In this context, the entire team and partners of The Transat CIC remain busy trying to ensure the race can still take place, while respecting the conditions required to prevent the spread of the virus.

Taking into account how the situation is evolving in France and the United States, where The Transat CIC starts and finishes, all the possible solutions are currently under evaluation. As the situation is changing so rapidly with each new announcement, OC Sport Pen Duick has decided to give themselves the time necessary to come to a decision. There will be discussions with everyone involved in this historic event – sailors, local authorities, partners and public bodies – and they will all be kept informed of the solutions that are planned.

The team at OC Sport Pen Duick and their suppliers are are hard at work on the event.The most important thing for everyone is ensuring that no information circulates that is unreliable or not based on facts.

OC Sport Pen Duick would like to express its solidarity with all the people and businesses affected by this unprecedented crisis and assure them of its full support.