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Vendee Globe champion Yannick Bestaven (MAITRE COQ V), sixth on The Transat CIC in IMOCA (before jury)

Yannick Bestaven crossed the finish line this Tuesday morning at 8:08:16 a.m. (French time), after 8 days 18 hours 38 minutes and 16 seconds of racing. By arriving 11 hours, 44 minutes and 44 seconds after the winner Yoann Richomme (PAPREC ARKÉA), the skipper of MAITRE COQ V, who completed the race at an actual average speed of 15.56 knots, took 6th place in the the 15th edition of The Transat CIC.


Arrival time: 06:08:16 (UTC)

Race time 8 days 18 hours 38 minutes and 16 seconds

Distance traveled: 3277.51 nautical miles

Difference with the 1st: 11 hours 44 minutes and 44 seconds

Average speed (on the great circle): 14.01 knots

Actual average speed: 15.56 knots

That’s it, we crossed the finish line of The Transat CIC at 6:12 a.m. UT.

I finished in 6th place in a very hot finish. After 8 days and around ten hours, we finished with Maître CoQ V, thank you to everyone who supported us and to my entire team. Even if there were a few small problems with the foils, the boat reacted really well, and we will be ready for the Vendée Globe! Now we're heading to New York! "