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Violette Dorange (DEVENIR) has finished 18th in the Transat CIC !!

At 23 years old Violette is the youngest skipper in the race and she sails the Farr design which is perhaps the most travelled IMOCA, Jean Le Cam's Hubert on which the veteran took fourth on the last Vendee Globe. The boat was built for and won the 2008-9 race as Foncia. She is backed by three partners through Devenir a social responsibility program in Brittany including McDonalds and she really is proving a redoubtable competitor who has now finished all four from four Transats since her debut in the Route du Rhum 2022. She finished on a charge, just 12 minutes after Guirec!

Violette's race

Finish time : 06 h 50 UTC

Elapsed time: 10 d 19 h 20 m 23 s

Distance sailed : 3 332,2  nautical miles

Delta to first: 2 d, 12 h, 26 m and 51 s

Delta to previous finisher : 12 min, 21 sec

Average speed on the great circle: 11,4 knots

Real average speed : 12,8 nœuds

What is your feeling as you cross the finish line of The Transat CIC?

"I am relieved. It was one of the hardest races I have been in. I'm so happy to have made it to the end without breaking anything. That was my first goal. And then I fought until the end with Guirec. Even 20 minutes before crossing the line we had a big wind shift in the wind and we were fighting to get the boat back upright. It was cool to be able to fight until the end, and it was hard. I am proud of myself."

How was this first transatlantic race for you by the north face?

“It was super sporty. Crossing big depressions four times with wind steady at 35 knots with gusts to 45 and big seas. It wasn't always easy but I tell myself that now it's done. It gives me confidence for the future in big, strong winds, and in my boat, and my ability to manage the situation. And now I know the limits of the boat, it’s reassuring.”

What have you learned about yourself?

“A lot, especially in the strong wind when I got scared. At the time, it’s really not fun, but afterwards, I really learned about myself and now I’m able to stay 20 hours in strong wind, even if it’s scary.”

Is Hubert a good companion to go round the world on?

“For 10 days, the boat banged, creaked, cracked… You really wonder how it’s holding up! I asked myself that question a lot when the second depression passed. But, the boat is really strong. Jean Le Cam redid the bottom of the hull after the last Vendée Globe and the technical team refurbished the boat this winter… This confirms my confidence in Devenir and it is an asset for the round the world.”